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Miami Bound…

It’s official. LEBRON JAMES will now join DWYANE WADE and CHRIS BOSH to play for the MIAMI HEAT!!! I hope it’s the right decision and that he wins multiple Championships. This is the beginning of a new Dynasty!

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I believe in you Jared!!

As I mentioned before, I am from Ohio. I am a product of Ohio State. Both my parents went there. I grew up watching Ohio State football and Ohio State basketball. If I had ever mentioned “Michigan” in the house, my dad would probably have disowned me. Anyway, I still follow all things related to [...]

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LeBron James… Part 2

All I want to say at this point is I want LeBron James to stay in Cleveland. BUT it would really be fun to watch him play with Wade in Chicago or Miami. Every game would be like an All Star game.

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The LeBron Sweepstakes

I wanted my first post to be more about life and philosophy and so forth. I decided it is too hard of a topic to tackle right away, so it will be set aside for another time. Why is LeBron so sought after? He hasn’t won any championships. He dominated a lot of games, but [...]

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