Wonders of Picasa

I have a MacBook Pro (the smaller one). For a while I’ve been debating how to organize all my thousands of pictures: iPhoto or Picasa. After reading more about their differences in forums and other blogs, I realized that since I also have a Windows XP based PC, it makes more sense to use something that is designed for both machines. iPhoto is great in a lot of ways, including its editing capabilities. However, I chose to use Picasa because of its flexibility in platforms.

Ok, now that I’ve chosen which software to use, I needed to actually sit down and go through several thousand pictures. After a couple of hours of organizing (and through about 10% of my pics), I realized that my system lacked something. I was naming each individual picture and placing them in some arbitrary folder. It made it near impossible for me to find the picture I was looking for, or better yet the picture that I didn’t know I had. I scrapped the whole system and switched to a more or less chronological order. I don’t know why it took me so long to think of that. Sometimes my brain is just slow…

Anyway, the new organizing scheme worked perfectly. I was able to create new folders within folders that helped separate the different events. Another feature I tried is People (Faces for iPhoto users). This allows you to look at all the pictures a certain person (that you must identify manually) is in. It’s quite amazing how accurate the software is in recognizing the faces. It did have problems with some Asian faces though. I guess even Picasa thinks that a lot of Asians look alike. It still worked great, but then after a while, I got a little freaked out. I didn’t want to stare at just the closeup mugshots of all my friends. I took quite a lot of shots of the crowd at certain events, like the World Cup games in Korea. I don’t know any of the people in the picture, but when you are packed among hundreds of thousands of people, cheering on the national team, you kind of don’t have to know anyone. Picasa started to show close ups of each person in the crowd, and it took forever for me to have it ignore them. Oh well. Nothing is ever perfect.

Now that I have a good system of organizing, I need to pick out some memorable ones and post them somewhere online. A great feature of Picasa is how easy it is to upload the pics to the Picasa Web Album and then easily add to Flickr. Too bad my attention span is like a 5-year-old, so I can’t focus on something like that for a while. But someday. Someday you will see pictures of me (and friends and places I’ve been). Stay tuned.

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