Why don’t you all just stay home?

I’ve been having some trouble sleeping recently. I would wake up in the middle of the night (several times) and would just lay there trying to find a way to fall back asleep. A couple of times, I got up at like 5 in the morning for a light jog. I figured, why not? Since I’m already awake, maybe it would help me sleep. Wrong. It still didn’t work. But one good thing that came out of it is my desire to run again.

Now, it can get pretty damn hot in the summer in Seoul, so ideally I like to run early in the morning. But the last couple of days, I actually did get some sleep and ended up waking up after 8am. I tried jogging at that time once. Never again. It is unbearable. Then tonight, I had a lot of energy. I knew that it would take forever for me to fall asleep, so I decided to go for a light jog.

I live near a small University (Kyodae). There is this nice track that belongs to the school. It is almost always crowded since it is the only place around here that people can use to play all sorts of sports. What is really annoying is that some people pretend that the track belongs to them. There is a lovely soccer field in the middle, which is great for SOCCER. And yet, some people practice playing soccer on the TRACKS, on the hard, NON-GRASSY tracks. WTF? Sometimes I get a kick out of having to run around these people. It is quite a challenge to have all these obstacles along the way. But usually it is just down right annoying.

Anyway, shortly after 9pm, I went for a light jog thinking that no one would be out. Wrong again. Where in the world did all these people come from? I arrived only to discover a sea of strangers walking (some jogging), trying to fight their way through the crowd. Fortunately, most people just walked, so I was able to weave my way around them… but still, where did all these people come from? Even though I was a bit annoyed at having to fight my way through the crowd, I was quite impressed to see so many people wanting to stay somewhat in shape. I just wish they would find somewhere else to exercise. I guess I don’t really own the track, so I shouldn’t say anything… but still… It was quite a sight.

Now I gotta decide whether to wake up very early in the morning like before 7 (highly unlikely), jog in the extreme heat (it gets very hot around 9am), or fight my way through the crowd at night. No matter what I end up choosing, something bad’s bound to happen. I wish it is easier for me to run on a treadmill, but at my old age, my knees start bothering me after a while. Oh well. Who says life is fair?

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  1. Written by Dan
    on July 8, 2010 at 9:05 pm
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    Yeah, that track is surprisingly crowded at night.. and until pretty late at night

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